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Besorger 2.0

A shopping list for all devices and all family members! The most convenient service - always customizable to your individual wishes. Over 500 items in various predefined departments!
100% Made in Germany!

With the Besorger, shopping is simpler than ever!

Quickly add items to the shopping list. Shopping arranged by department.
No more forgetting items.

Due to recent events: After updating to the latest iOS version of the Besorger partially has stopped working! We have provided an update to resolve the error. However, in some cases the app must first be erased from the iPhone and then reinstalled to ensure that all errors are corrected.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Three views

The right shopping list for every shopping style.

Easiest entry

Over 500 items make the entry child's play.


Share your shopping list with others, on all devices.

The Besorger for Android and iOS

The Besorger is currently available for the operating systems Android (Samsung, HTC, LG,...) and iOS (iPhone). You can download the Besorger in the iTunes App Stores and Google Play for free.

Besorger 2.0

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Besorger practically explains itself. However, a few questions always resurface. We would like to answer them briefly here.

Start your shopping list with a simple click on the heading "Add Item". In the menu of the shopping list, you can decide whether you want to search for items or select from your favorites or the list of topics.
The items will be clicked on and moved to your shopping cart while you are shopping. Items moved from your shopping cart inadvertently can be returned to your shopping list by clicking on them again.
The Besorger offers three views for the shopping list. According to your personal taste, you can choose between the following views:
"Simple & Good" offers a clearly laid out list, which displays only the name of item.
With "Simple Plus" you get an expanded display with amount and unit of the item.
The "Detailed List" offers you all information for the item, including seller, price, and comments.
Start typing the desired item in the search field. When the item is displayed, click on it to add it to the shopping list. Then, you can type the next item or stop editing the shopping list by clicking "Finished" (Android) or "Back" (iOS)
If the item you entered is not in the list, click "Create Item" (Android) or "Add New Item" (iOS) to create a new item.
The most important feature is the "Department" since the shopping list is grouped accordingly. You can create more shopping lists with the "Seller" tab. Of course, you can give more details for every item. The items will be displayed in the shopping list according to the selected view. You can move an item to "Favorites" with the Star symbol.
Under the menu item "Departments", you can edit each individual department. Click on the appropriate department, and change its color or name. To end, click on "Finished" (Android) or again on the name of the department at the top (iOS).
In the department list you can add individual departments or change the order of the departments by simply scrolling.
You have to register to synchronize. As soon as you have done that, you can use shopping lists with other users under the same login.
The synchronization can be automatically or manually activated. If you wish, you can be informed by the Besorger when you have changed the shopping list.

What others say about the Besorger

The Besorger is extremely popular with our users.
However, the press repeatedly had a look at our shopping list.
Here are a few comments from the press: